I Like Chase

by Rocket Finance

This post is not a paid endorsement …but it certainly could be for the right price. I guess in a way, it is a paid endorsement. You make the call.
The Hustler at hustlerblog introduced me to the art of the bank bonus and J.P. Morgan Chase has been more than helpful in getting us started. Here is the damage:

$50 for signing up for checking with direct deposit – rocket and mrs. rocket

$250 Freedom Card bonus – 2x

$35 fraud/credit protector and then cancelling before 30 days – 2x

$50 for signing up for direct deposit again through a mailer – 2x

$100 Sony Visa bonus – 2x

The last two bonuses have not yet appeared in our accounts, but when they do, we will have qualified for a total of $970 since March!

We are not exactly rolling in the dough, however. This total only just covers the amount of money that is missing from our budget when oregongirl was unable to work due to being out on maternity leave for six weeks. I would love to have put the money into FNBO at 6%, opened an IRA or given it to charity like FIRE Finance. Even though we have just about broken even on th deal, we are grateful for Chase’s investment in the financial health of my family.

That said, we have not just cashed in the bonus and run away. We like the Chase checking account. It links to many other accounts easily and for some reason, transfers to Emigrant Direct in one day…

We also like the fact that we can see all of our credit accounts with Chase at the same time as our checking account. We have had a Southwest Visa card for almost six years and have earned several flights to see oregongirl’s family. We will earn our last flight this month and then put that card away to see how much cash we can save up with the Chase FreedomSM

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