Successful Investors Give Money Away

by Rocket Finance

I am a big proponent of capitalism and supply-side economics – not because they are perfect in every way, but simply because they work. When the economy grows, the “little guy” always benefits. Tax cuts for the wealthy result in more jobs and income for the rest of us. Another example of how the little guys benefit from a strong economy and not from government redistribution of wealth is in this story on CNBC. When the government gives billion dollar tax cuts to the top earners they spend it on travel, luxury items, houses, cars and lots of other stuff made by the little guys. If they don’t spend it, they invest it in companies who make all of that stuff or if they don’t spend it or invest it – they give it away!

From 1982 through 1989, the years President Reagan’s economic policies were in effect, corporate contributions to charities grew an average of 10 percent per year, outstripping inflation by over 6 percent.

Read more about the so-called decade of greed on the National Center Blog.

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