Use Credit Cards More!

by Rocket Finance

I am always amazed by the number of things that have changed drastically during my lifetime – cellphones, computers, television, etc. My children will never remember life before wireless communication, television remotes and high-speed internet access. I remember when I thought a calculator watch was the coolest thing ever. . . and now it seems like an insignificant toy when compared to today’s pda’s and phones.

Another item that has changed the way we do things to a great degree are credit cards. I never thought I would use a credit card when they first come out – and now I can’t remember how many I have owned. The convenience and rewards that are offered by them make a credit card essential to life. The annoying thing is, they still cannot be used everywhere. I thought it was great when McDonalds started taking credit cards , but I still have to write a check to pay the babysitter, pay the water bill (The municipal department in our town doesn’t take cc’s!) or give to my church. Even the college that I attended in the mid-90’s did not take credit cards in the bookstore or business office.

I wish that more of these people would take advantage of Advantage Processors so that I could pay with a credit card. I personally have a couple of ventures in mind that could require the use of a credit card so I am also considering applying for a merchant account with Advantage Processors. Use credit cards more – but pay them off each month!

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