Virtual Bank Bonus

by Rocket Finance

I received my first bank bonus off a referral from Hustler for a Virtual Bank account. Now understand that Hustler is my inspiration and if you want to give him all the love, it’s okay with me, but I need to mention that I also have around 90 referrals for a Virtual Bank account that is currently earning 5.17% to give away. Just send your first and last name to rocketfinance at gmail dot com, open your account through the email link, deposit at least $100, and earn a bonus of $20. This is one of the fastest bonuses out there, so open your Virtual Bank money market account today!

I also have around 120 ING savings account referrals that can earn you $25 in no time.

  1. 2 Responses to “Virtual Bank Bonus”

  2. By Hustler on Jun 20, 2007 | Reply

    Thanks Rocketc…but I think you need it more than I do. Soon I’m gonna run out of referrals, so i’ll just use my bro account or something.

    Another thing about Virtual bank referral link is that some people ask for it, but never go through it. That is like a $20 loss since you only have a limited number of referrals. Tell them to ask for it if they are serious with going through it.

  3. By Coach C on Jun 20, 2007 | Reply

    Yeah, I used up a bunch of VB referrals on people I hadn’t talked to before I realized that. Kind of stinks, but I still have all of my wife’s to give away. 🙂

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