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Oregongirl and I are hooked on shopping at Ebates. They offer cash back for everything we purchase through their site at stores like Staples, Home Depot, Target, Walmart and many more. Ebates is a great deal as long as you stick to a budget. For instance, item #1 is $25 at Walmart in my hometown. The same item is $25 at Ebates, but I get 4% cash back. A great deal unless you don’t need item #1 or you don’t have the money to purchase it in the first place.

It takes about 30 seconds to register for Ebates, but don’t do it without a referral from me! If you get a referral, you make $5 just for signing up – and so do I. Send an email to rocketcoach at gmail dot com with your first name and email address and I will send you a referral right away! Happy shopping.

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  2. By Richard on Jul 3, 2007 | Reply

    Have you guys tried out jellyfish (referral link)? It’s like ebates… but with more. Works in the same way in that you get cash back for purchases made through it, but in addition to that, you have 24/7 “shows” which are basically reverse auctions. The price of an item keeps falling till someone buys them all out (and you don’t know how many are available till they’re all gone). Only thing about these 24/7 shows is that the price tends to fall relatively slowly (0.02-0.03%/sec). Each show is themed, such as photography, audio/video, baby shower.. etc.

    On top of that, on most weekdays, there’s a special 1-1.5 hour show hosted by “SmackDaddy”, where the shows are more fast paced… usually to the tune of 0.1%/sec. There are also side games where you can win money/prizes (I won $10 and an MP3 Player! :)) Give it a shot sometime… nothing to lose.

    Also, check out evreward (not referral link)… you stick in a store name/website, and it will search multiple cashback sites (ebates, upromise, jellyfish, etc) and report on who has what % off. It also tries to find any available coupons as well.


  3. By rocketc on Jul 4, 2007 | Reply

    Interesting, I will have to check it out. Sounds a little like a “woot off” that you find linked to fatwallet.
    The only problem with these types of auctions is that while I often see incredible deals, I rarely find anything that fits into my budget. I have so little disposable income that it takes too much time to find something I need.

  4. By Richard on Jul 4, 2007 | Reply

    Yeah, I’ve seen it compared to Woot, but trust me.. much better. Even if you don’t buy anything, by just participating in the games (Outwit, and the Guru Guessing during the shows with SmackDaddy), you can win stuff… from a t-shirt, to 5 bucks, to a freaking Wii. Not sure if you can access this page w/out logging in, but it gives you some of the best wins/deals made in the 1 yr they’ve been operating.

    In addition, there are some people who use it as a reseller’s haven. For the TV shows for example, they sometimes have 40″ LCD HDTVs up for grabs, starting at say, $1,700. People are known to have bought it at $1,200, and then — you guessed it — ebay’ed it. Can be quite profitable if you can get it at the right price.

    Warning: Waiting around for the Outwit shows can be VERY addictive. Right now, for example, the Outwit jackpot is at $250, so I’m sitting here patiently waiting for the current item to sell so I can play Outwit (played after every deal) to have the chance at the $250 (I know it’s possible, since I won the jackpot before, although it was only $10 — it accumulates by +$10 each time the contestant loses).

  5. By Richard on Jul 4, 2007 | Reply

    Quick case in point… that $250 pot became $260.. and a guy who joined on 6/26/07, and has made ZERO purchases since, has just won it… bringing is total winnings to $390 (he won a $130 pot a few days ago). Nice!!

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