32 Days and $32.10 Richer

by Rocket Finance

Today marks my 32nd day as a fledgling member of the personal finance blogging community. In the last 32 days, I have made a grand total of $32.10. A little better than a dollar a day. The highlights of the last 32 days include a small bonus discovery that resulted in over 1,000 hits in a three day period. The other highlight was a post on Tithing that Free Money Finance was kind enough to post on his blog last week. The essay resulted in a charitable, but memorable comment exchange between plonkee and myself. I enjoyed the discussion and while I was not convinced by plonkee’s arguments, I am a better person for interacting with the ideas.

I began to chase bonuses and study the balance transfer game in March, just before Mrs. Rocket was to give birth to our third child. I hoped to generate enough money to cover our budget losses while she was not working and help pay hospital expenses. We have pretty much broken even on that venture. I would like to have gotten ahead financially, but I am thankful for the knowledge from Hustler and other personal finance bloggers that allowed me to successfully make up the loss in income without getting another job.

My goal for Rocket Finance is to create an alternate stream of income that will allow Mrs. Rocket to quit her part-time job. I have a long way to go, but I have derived benefits from personal finance blogging beyond the thirty-two dollars and ten cents:

1) I have enjoyed networking with other bloggers. The internet can be a cool place.
2) The challenge of finding creative ways to market the blog and then find content for Rocket Finance is thrilling.
3) I have learned so many things about money from other bloggers. My favorites are linked on the right. The blog motivated me to faithfully read their content.
4) The money I have made/saved by reading the blogs at the right is a whole lot more than $32.10.
5) I am not a “tekkie”, but I am learning a great deal about technology, just through my own research. The blog motivates me.

I don’t know if the world has more room for another personal finance blogger and I’m not sure of my exact area of expertise or niche, however the last 32 days have been fun and profitable.

Check in with me after another 32.

  1. 3 Responses to “32 Days and $32.10 Richer”

  2. By plonkee on Jul 10, 2007 | Reply

    It was indeed a memorable exchange.

    Congratulations on making more than $32 in 32 days.

  3. By Hustler on Jul 10, 2007 | Reply

    Congrats man. All you need is your own domain and you will be in the top 100 PF blogs in no time.

  4. By AndyS on May 7, 2008 | Reply

    Congrats as well and as a new pf blogger myself I can appreciate these small yet important achievements.


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