Sprint Gets Rid of Whiny Customers

by Rocket Finance

Many PF bloggers and Fatwallet have gotten a lot of mileage out of complaining to Sprint, talking to their retention department and then signing up for the SERO plan. Hustler saves $15 a month by using the dropped call method. I admire his creativity, but I have my limits. . .

I have been a Sprint customer since 2001 and I believe that I am getting charged too much for my plan, however, I have had no success in squeezing a better deal out of them. Frankly, their customer service is terrible and I can’t seem to get a human being on the phone. My preference would be to stay with Sprint, but for less money. . . I will let you know when I figure something out. My plan does not end until next March and I can’t take a chance on losing my phone number, my legitimate job depends on it.

Given all of that history, I found this story about how Sprint is just cutting off whiny customers to be ironic and funny at the same time. Why would these people would call customer service 40 to 50 times a month? Why didn’t they just find another service provider? It seems to me that they must have been purposefully trying to get out of their contracts without paying the fees. This could become a common practice. . .

I wonder if this technique would work in any other areas of life. If I keep complaining to and bugging city hall, will they stop charging me property taxes?

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