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My local bank is offering $50 and $150 bonuses for new accounts who sign up with direct deposit. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for over a decade and have had my paycheck direct deposited for the last three years and I was paying a monthly fee and I had never been given a bonus. Furthermore, I had an overdraft last month, thanks to a “held deposit”. I sent them the following note:

I see you are offering a bonus for new accounts who sign up with direct deposit. I have had an account with two direct deposits a month and make significant deposits (on which you place a hold) fairly regularly. I have also been a customer for over 12 years. In exchange, I am charged a monthly service fee and fairly large overdraft fees. Will you consider me for one of the bonuses? Chase is offering both a $75 bonus and a $100 bonus, with no fees and the ability to link to just about any account. I can also see my checking account and credit card statements with one login.

Here is the response I recieved:

Mr. _________ , Thank you for your patience in this matter. We are able to offer you the same bonus if you open a new account with us. We are also waiving your online bill payment fees for the last two months. This is when your account was upgraded to the Advantage checking account product. In the Advantage checking account product, you receive free online billpayment service. You will see the $9.90 credit posted to your account within 48 business hours. You will not see this fee assessed to your account in the future.

I am not sure if I am happy with this result. I am not very skilled at getting customer service reps to give me deals. Hustler I am not. Can any of you critique my approach?

Should I close my account and then reopen it for the bonus?

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  2. By Hustler on Jul 19, 2007 | Reply

    It seems like they’ve refunded all your fees but they will not give you the bonus unless you open a new account. This seems fair to me.

    I would ask them if you can open another account(the no fees one) without doing a hard pull on your credit report since you already have an account with them. This should be done once all your fees have been refunded and that the bonus will apply to you.

    If not, wait for your fees to be refunded, then open a Chase account with $100 bonus.

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