by Rocket Finance

I have been watching the iphone craze with great amusement. Just Google ‘free iphone’ and look at all of the sites, discussions and posts about this one little topic. I have decided that there are two types of people:

Folks who desperately want a free iphone and will do anything to get it and individuals who want to get noticed by marketing some way that you can earn or win a free iphone.

Here is one of my favorite gimmicks – and I’m sure his blog hits are off the charts.
Here is a legit way to get a free iphone, you just have to be an employee of Apple.

Finally, this blog offers a way to win an iphone through blogging. I am not entering the blogging contest, but I have still been suckered into doing Mr. Lee’s marketing for him, just because of those two little words: free iphone.

Which type of person do you think I am?

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