Sharebuilder Investing Methods

by Rocket Finance

One of the best ways to start investing is through Sharebuilder. Sharebuilder bonuses are somewhat of a legend in personal finance blogdom. Sharebuilder bonuses can be as high as $90 for opening an account, but most are around $50. I am at a stage in life where I have no money to invest. 100% of our budget goes toward daily needs – although I am quickly working to rectify that problem – and one way is with Sharebuilder bonuses.

Here are a couple of Sharebuilder stategies:

Method 1: The Hustler

Open your SB bonus qualifying account with $5. Purchase a $1 worth of stock – the purchase fee is $4. Wait 4 to 6 weeks for your bonus to show up in the account. Let the $1 worth of stock rot forever and pocket the bonus for a net return of $45.

Method 2: The Blueprint

Open your SB bonus qualifying account with $50. Purchase $46 worth of stock. Wait for the $50 bonus to show up. Sell the stock for a $14.95 fee. Withdraw all your money for a $31.05 (plus stock appreciation) net return on a $50 investment.

Method 3: The Rocket Finance

Open three qualifying SB accounts for yourself and three for your wife and maybe a couple for your kids using the Hustler Method. Collect the bonuses into one SB account. I just withdraw the bonuses to my bank account and then deposit them into the SB account that I designate. Some people try to combine all their SB accounts through Sharebuilder itself – takes a lot of time and paperwork. Use the accumulated bonuses to purchase $400+ worth of a solid ETF or mutual fund. Don’t sell until retirement or transfer the stock to Zecco to take advantage of their low fees when you sell.

Sharebuilder is a great “buy and hold” stock platform, but if you are an active trader, their fees eat into your profits fairly quickly. However, for guys like me, Sharebuilder bonuses provide the greatest opportunity to scrape together a little investment capital.
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