Carnival of Personal Finance

by Rocket Finance


The 116th Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Advanced Personal Finance. My submission was not necessarily didactic, but rather a somewhat amusing anecdote about the challenges of early marriage finances. Nothing to write home about, but “got my name in the paper” so to speak. Here are my personal favorites:I found Art Dinkin’s article about the pros and cons of the mother staying home instead of working outside the home to be instructive. We just made the decision for my wife to stay home this month. It might mean a third job for me, but it was the right choice for our kids. Maybe if I am wildly successful at blogging. . .

A Penny Closer sumitted a good post called 5 Myths That Can Hurt Your Credit Score. A year ago, I had never seen my credit score, never thought about it, and did not understand how it affects my life. If you are a personal finance “newbie”, I encourage you to read it.

That’s all, folks.

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  2. By A Penny Closer on Sep 4, 2007 | Reply

    Thanks for the feature – I really appreciate it!

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