ING is a Great Online Bank

by Rocket Finance


ING Direct offers a great bank savings product. Currently, their savings rate is not the best that you will find online at only 4.5%, but their service and flexibility is great. I have not personally experienced their checking product, but I have heard great things about it. ING is currently offering a $25 account bonus if you open it with one of my referrals and a minimum of $250. Just send me your email address and I will get a referral out to you right away.

My wife and I have both qualified for the bonus as well as all three of our children. Our family earned $165 worth of bonuses with only a deposit of $1,250. Furthermore, I can view all of my kids accounts along side of mine with only one log-in. I can even transfer money between the accounts without any problem. I keep a modest balance in my account and when relatives give money to my kids, or if they want to deposit a certain amount of money that they have earned, I simply transfer the appropriate amount from my account and the money starts earning interest right away.

You can even set-up subaccounts in order to make your budgeting easier. Nickel outlines the process in this post from way back in 2005. Eventually, I want to set up college savings accounts for my kids. I do not have the minimum initial investment required by my state for such investments, but ING will help us reach that goal soon. I will then set up regular deposits from the kid’s ING accounts into their college fund. ING makes it simple. Request a referral today!

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