Why We Chose “Freedom” Over “Cash”

by Rocket Finance


Most of you know that I am a big fan of Chase banking. I think their bill pay format is the easiest and has the most options. I can see all of my Chase credit card and checking balances on one screen. Chase also happens to have a huge amount of bonus money out there right now and I have earned more than my fair share.

We have also chosen Chase for our family credit card. The Chase Freedom Card (3% on gas, fast food and groceries; 1% on everything else) is our primary money back card. Some might ask, why not the Blue Cash from Amex that offers 5% cash back? Well, the answer is that we don’t use credit cards enough and Blue Cash rewards are only .5% until you spend at least $6,500 – then the reward jumps up to 5%. I used a Blue Cash calculator that estimated our cash back and it would have been less than $200 for the year.

Since we basically only use our credit card for gasoline and fast food the Freedom Card is the right choice for us. We earn 3% cash back right away. Once in a while we put a large purchase on the card that earns 1%, but in order to stick to our budget, we don’t even put groceries on the card. I travel with groups of young people on regular occasions. Unfortunately, they only have money for fast food, so I use my Freedom Card and keep my per diem in my pocket.

Furthermore, if you wait to cash in your reward until you have saved $200, Chase tacks on another $50 to your check! We are going to stick with the Freedom Card at least until we earn $250.

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