Everbank 6.01% and $50 Bonus

by Rocket Finance


FNBO is currently paying 6% APR, but that promotion will end on September 28th. FNBO isn’t telling what the rate will be in October, but I am willing to bet that it won’t be 6%. I have the majority of my “stoozing” cash at FNBO, but I am currently considering different places to move it.On place that I am considering is Everbank who offers 6.01% APR for the first three months after you open a free checking account. Plus, Everbank believes so strongly in their product that if you close your account after 90 days, they will pay you a $50 bonus. Seems like a bad deal for Everbank, but maybe their product is┬áthat good. I am anxious to try it out.

It does seem convenient to have my balance transfer money in an interest bearing checking account. My current account at FNBO does not offer any online bill pay and only links with three other accounts.

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