Citi $150 Bonus for Credit Card

by Rocket Finance

I signed up for a Citibusiness Credit Card last spring. I like the online interface and I really liked the 10,000 points from the Thank You Network that I earned after my first purchase. Since then, my wife and I have qualified for another 50,000 points from Citi Credit Card. Here is a hot new deal that I will not be taking advantage of because I am trying to raise my credit score a little, but┬áCitibusiness is offering 15,000 points after your first purchase for a “no-fee” credit card! Check it out at MyCreditCardsBlog. This card is also a fantastic balance transfer card. They are offering no fee transfers at 0% for the first 12 months. Citi Card is one of the easiest banks from which to make mone on 0% balance transfers. You can do it all online and never deal with a customer service representative. You can even simply generate a check that is written out to your business – all online. Check out this deal here.

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    thanks for the link man. ­čÖé

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