Pay for Diapers by Breastfeeding

by Rocket Finance


Our household includes three children under the age of four and I am always looking for ways to save some cash or make some cash. All three of our children have been breastfed – initially because it seemed to be the healthiest, but after a while we realized that we were saving a lot of money by feeding the little bugger that way. (At least for the first year. We aren’t like some of the crazies who breastfeed until a kid is 3 or 4 or more. . .) Anyway, even though we don’t use formula very often, we are always sent a lot of formula samples and certificates.

I have known for some time that one of the best ways to make money on ebay is by purchasing baby clothes at rummages and second hand stores and then reselling them on ebay. My wife and I have toyed with this idea off and on for the last year or so, however, it just seemed like a lot of work with little reward – there is a lot of overhead: purchase price, time, gasoline, shipping, ebay fees and a little risk: people might not bid on your items.

We have determined that another way to make money on ebay is by reselling coupons and gift certificates. Coupons and gift certificates only hold real monetary value for people who are going to purchase certain items. Historically, companies have made money off coupons and gift certificates because 17% (or so) are not used and because those items cause consumers to purchase items that that would not normally buy. Auction sites like ebay or craigslist allow those of us who don’t need a particular coupon to turn it into cash by selling it to someone who actually needs the item. The best thing about selling certificates online is that shipping costs are minimal.

Some of the hottest coupons and gift certificates right now are for baby formula. A 12 oz. can of formula retails for $17 to $20, so a certificate for free or discount formula can be a hot item. My wife and I look for any chance we can get to get a hold of baby formula certificates – even $4 certificates sell for $2 or more online. The best profit is generated when we get a hold of several $4 or $5 certificates and sell them all together.

Where can you find these certificates? Look for them in magazines. Register on “baby sites” like Enfamil, Nestle, Similac or any other other makers of baby formula. This page is a good place to look for deals on formula. Sometimes family members and friends who do not have children are sent free samples. Ask around, someone you know is being sent formula gift certificates even though they do not have a baby. Sometimes the hospital where your baby is born will give you formula and certificates.

Maybe you can generate enough money to pay for diapers.

Photo credit: brokinhrt2