I Like Junk Mail

by Rocket Finance

Ever since I started reading Hustler (the blog, not the magazine). I began to view junk mail in a completely different way. I used to throw 3/4ths of all of my mail in the trash. Now, I can’t wait for the mail to arrive each day and I go through it and look carefully at every piece. I never even considered cashing the “credit” or “payment protector” checks. Just figured they were all a scam that would cost me money.

The fact is, that if you read the fine print, there is almost always a way to cash these checks without spending any money. You just have to be willing to call a customer service rep by a certain date and “disenroll” from the program. Sometimes, if you don’t carry a balance on your credit card, there is no charge for the service that you signed up for. I make almost $100 a month cashing checks like this. This week alone I qualified for a $20 check from Chase, another $15 check from Chase and $40 worth of Menards gift cards.

I have my “wallet cash” for the month and my wife will get the kitchen paint that she has wanted for a long time.

Now if I can just find a way to get my junk mail to do the actual painting. . .

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