ING Still One of the Best Bonuses Out There

by Rocket Finance


The ING Orange Savings Account does not offer one of the biggest bonuses ($25), but it is one of the easiest for which to qualify. I really like the ING Orange Savings Account interface even though its interest rate is a luke-warm 4.30% APY at the moment. You do not need a minimum balance, there are no fees, and no direct deposit requirement. Furthermore, ING account holders do not have to be 18 years old as required by many other banks which makes ING a great place to get your kids started saving money with custodial accounts. Here is the best part: you can refer up to 25 friends and family at $10 a pop. I earned $165 in bonus money just from accounts opened in my immediate family! Here is how it worked:

I was referred by Hustler and opened my first account to earn a $25 bonus.

I then referred my wife who opened an account, earned a $25 bonus, and I pocketed the $10 referral fee.

I referred  and opened accounts for child #1, child #2, and child #3 for a net profit of $105.

I’m not just collecting the bonuses and running. I plan to keep these accounts for a while. I can view my ING account and all of the custodial accounts with one login. I keep a little money in my account and when relatives and friends give money to my children, I simply transfer an appropriate amount out of my account into theirs and cash the check or deposit the cash into my local bank. The gift money starts earning interest for my children immediately. They aren’t old enough to spend money yet, but when they are, they will have a nice little nest egg with which to open their college savings accounts.

This also means that I have lots of referrals to send out. Contact me and send your email address. I will send you an email link. Open an ING Orange Savings Account using the link with a minimum of $250 and you will earn a $25 bonus. Help my kids grow their college funds and you can start referring your own friends and family to one of the best online banks in the world.

Get a free cup of coffee from an ING Direct Cafe near you!

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