$10 Sign-up Bonus from Ebates!

by Rocket Finance


If you haven’t yet discovered Ebates, it is a great place to shop at all of your favorite stores online and get cash back simply by using their site. My wife and I have earned almost $50 through Ebates in the last few months. Her favorite Ebates store is Target, but she also shops at Snapfish, Pro Flowers and Overstock through the shopping portal. I always get electronics and office supplies from their site. Places like Tiger Direct and Staples are listed. I earned over 3% in rebates when I purchased the laptop that I am currently using from Tiger Direct through Ebates – and also used my Chase Freedom card to earn another 1% in cash back from the purchase.

My laptop was a good deal to begin with: $400 and I received an additional $16 in cash back from Ebates. The prices you pay on Ebates are the same as if you go to the store – only you get a portion of it back. Signing up for Ebates is simple. You only have to give them your name and email address up front – you can request a check or ask for a paypal transfer when you want the cash in your account. Normally, their sign up bonus is $5, but now through November 15th, you will earn a $10 bonus for registering your account. Believe me you want to do this before you start your Christmas shopping.

Open through this link to get your bonus and I’ll get $10 too!

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