70% Off Restaurant.com Gift Certificates

by Rocket Finance

According to this thread at fatwallet, you can get 70% off gift certificates from restaurant.com using the code TREATS. Purchase through fatwallet for even more cash back. According to the thread, a $25 Gift Certificate will only cost $3! They normally sell for $10 apiece. Usually there is no trouble redeeming the certificates, but call ahead to the restaurant to make sure that the certificates are redeemable at a particular store. Also, be sure to check out the restaurants.com site to see how many eateries are located in your area. My area only has about 50, some areas have more, some have far less.

These certificates can be a cheap date or an inexpensive way to try out an out-of-the-way place. We have a restaurant in our area that serves authentic middle eastern quisine. My wife and I really want to try it out of curiousity, but we can’t spend $20 a plate – especially if we don’t like it. A $25 gift certificate from restaurants.com for $3 solves that problem!

Get 3% cash back in your three main categories of spending each month:


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