The Carnival of the Capitalists

by Rocket Finance

I submitted a slightly better entry (than last week)to this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists. Hope you enjoy reading it. I also found some other useful articles:

Businesspundit wrote the introvert’s guide to selling. I am not an introvert, but I do not enjoy selling. I also work in development for a charitable organization, and I found many of his suggestions to be pertinent to the fundraising field.

 Jay Deragon wrote a fascinating piece entitled The Creativity Factors. In it he demonstrates the exponential power of social networking. I think his piece also has value when dealing with blogging. There seems to be a market for everything and anything, you just have to stick with it and give your audience a chance to grow. Drew McLellan seems to agree.

Blogs are not forums is the title of my next pick. The difference, mission and purpose of each type of online communication is unique. I think it is interesting that most online companies do not have any way for customers to publicly air their grievances. I wonder if public airing of grievances might help them provide a better service and help defend particular decisions?

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