Discover Miles: make $120 or more. ..

by Rocket Finance

The Discover Miles Card is offering one of the best incentive packages around right now. The offer is 12,000 bonus miles in the first year – equates to $120 in gift cards. We like to get Old Navy cards or gas cards. Everyone uses gas and we always need clothes our family – someone is always growing out of something. 

This card also features 0% for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers. I was able to get one of my highest credit limits when I applied for this card. The balance transfer fee is capped at $75, which makes it a great card for an app-o-rama or stoozing. I transferred almost my entire credit limit to another card that did not have a balance. When the credit showed up, I requested a refund check from the other card and deposited the money in the highest interest account I could find. Currently my money is at Everbank earning the introductory 6.01% APY for 90 days. Let’s just say I will more than make up for the $75 fee.

The points are earned 1,000 at a time when you make a purchase in any given month. I always buy a fountain drink for less than $1 once a month at our local gas station. The 12,000 points alone will make up for the BT fee.

Apply today.


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