Force Yourself to Save by Digerati Life

by Rocket Finance

I have learned a lesson several times in my life: you can “trick” yourself into saving. But I can’t make the case any better or give any better advice than this post from Digerati.

The interesting thing is, once I see a little nest egg begin to grow through saving, it increases my motivation to find ways to save even more. I find that I am most irresponsible with my finances when I have the least – almost as if there is no hope. Why even try? On the other hand, the times in my life in which I have had a little cash in the bank, have been the moments when I seem to grasp at every penny. In fact, I think that if I were given 100K right now, I might be far more frugal than I am right now with a miniscule amount of cash on hand.

Don’t believe it?

Try me.


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