This Seems Overblown

by Rocket Finance

I panned an article by MBH in my last post, but the hype around so-called “Cyber Monday” seems to make his point. I am a big fan of ebates, but a countdown to Cyber Monday seems a little forced. Ebates is not the only online store that is making a big deal over Cyber Monday, but they are one of the few who seem to have an actual sale planned – although a sale is only implied from their advertising – not promised.

If these deals are so great why are they waiting until Monday? Arent’t they taking a risk that people might purchase the items they want in the previous three days? The Cyper Monday deal might be fantastic, but if you alreaday purchased your Ipod or Wii or laptop on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. . . the online retailers will miss out the sale anyway.

It seems to me that Cyper Monday should happen on Saturday or Sunday to take advantage of the folks who did not find exactly what they wanted on Black Friday. Or better yet, the Monday before Thanksgiving. Online shopping is all about convenience and an online retailer could benefit from one last shot at shoppers who might not want to drag themselves out of bed on Friday to take advantage of early bird specials. Why wouldn’t online retailers want to take a bite out of brick and mortar retailers before Black Friday?

Furthermore, most Black Friday ads are leaked well before Thanksgiving. If an online retailer really wanted to pump up sales, they could advertise that they will match any brick and mortar store Black Friday deal on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Why is Cyber Monday happening during work hours? Are they encouraging us to shop at work? How many people actually online shop at work?

Finally, there is no mention of the actual deals in the Ebates ad. Most Black Friday ads hint about what kind of deals will be offered. My limited perspective seems to indicate that this is a bogus event, completely invented by those who will benefit from it – similar to the greeting card companies who made up Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day.

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