$75 Chase Checking Bonus

by Rocket Finance

I came across this link last night for a $75 bonus when you open a Chase checking account with direct deposit. I usually deposit $5 or $25 a month from my paypal or ING account. Works every time.

Chase is also offering a $50 bonus after your first purchase with the Chase Freedom Visa Card that gives you 3% cash back on many purchases. My wife and I have $125 sitting in our cash back accounts right now. If we wait to accumulate $200 in cash back before requesting our checks, Chase will kick in an extra $50 for total cash back of $250.

I have found that Chase checking and ING Direct work very well together. Email me at rocketfinance at gmail dot com and I will send you a link where you can earn a $25 bonus by opening a ING savings account that earns 4.21% APY right now. Read how I made $165 in bonuses from ING this year.


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