My wife did an incredibly frugal thing

by Rocket Finance

. . . the other day. She is very low maintenance. My wife wears little make-up, does not require manicures, pedicures or tanning and she can go for a long time without a haircut. She waits for a long time to go to the hair salon because she can’t bear spending that kind of money on herself – not that she wouldn’t like to get it cut more often.

Our financial situation is such that I would probably put my foot down and say no to manicures, pedicures and tanning, but I would not hinder her from getting a haircut more often if she asked for it. She simply chooses to save money that way.

Lately, though, she had been mentioning that she needed a trim and it had been several months since her locks were shorn, so I was just waiting for her to set something up and we would find the money for it.

So the other day, I returned from work and she was in the kitchen with two of our children. I stopped in the doorway, we talked for a few minutes and then I proceded to the bathroom upstairs where I noticed a few small hairs on the sink. When I came back to the kitchen I asked who had gotten a haircut because she had mentioned that our son might need his first haircut very soon. Her answer was, “I did!” She had taken it upon herself to figure out a way to cut her own hair and successfully lopped off a pretty good amount- and it looks great! She had never cut hair before, much less her own, she just decided to try it and it worked out.

And saved us over $20.

I’ll probably have to let her spend money on a Starbuck’s mocha now.

Why is it that it took me 2 seconds to notice tiny pieces of cut hair on the bathroom sink, but almost 15 minutes to notice that my wife had trimmed six inches off her hair?

I am still debating whether or not I am frugal enough to let her touch my hair.

Stay tuned.


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  2. By plonkee on Dec 5, 2007 | Reply

    You should learn to give her a pedicure or manicure. Even if it doesn’t work out, I reckon it would be good fun, and pretty frugal.

  3. By rocketc on Dec 5, 2007 | Reply


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