The 12 Days of Christmas

by Rocket Finance

. . . personal finance style.

This post will be “sticky” or stay near the top of my blog until the end of the 12 Days. Enjoy!

Day 1 is at Being Frugal and featured the best way to manage money.

Day 2 is hosted by Credit Withdrawal and deals with two guaranteed ways to financial freedom.

Day3 and DebtFREE-Revolution brings us three paid credit cards.

Day 4 is by Plonkee and fits the best with the melody of the song: four calling tips.

Day 5 is covered by I’ve Paid for this Twice Already with 5 Golden Rules for Snowflaking – great advice. I want my wife to read this post and I am already trying to figure ways to find extra cash.

Day 6 was handled by Moolanomy (rhymes with taxonomy) and lists six (alternate) streams of income. Those alternate streams might soon become my major stream of income . . .

Day 7: Seven tips when you are swimming in debt is found at Working for Financial Freedom.

Day 8: Eight Maids a Milking at Rocket Finance.

Day 9: Maybe you can find your new year’s resolution amongst Cash Money Life’s 9 Financial Lessons.

Day 10: Gather Little by Little gives us 10 ways to cut up your credit card (just be sure to do it after you get your $100 gift card from Amex).

Day 11: Mrs. Micah, hmmm, I wonder if that is her real name? Covers 11 ways to get paid. . . for pipers or anyone else. This is a good post. . . Not that the other ones aren’t. . .oh, boy, now I’m in trouble. . . anyway just read it already.

Day 12: Right back where we started at Being Frugal who, on the 12th Day of Christmas, Personal Finance Style, has given us 12 frugal things you can do this week!

Have a frugal merry Christmas!

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