Now that I primarily use credit cards:

by Rocket Finance

I am a big believer in the wise use of rewards credit cards. That said, I was rereading I Paid for this Twice Already’s post about snowflaking. Snowflaking, in PaidTwice understanding, is a neat way to put away a little extra cash on a tight budget. While I considered the concept, I realized that I have developed several financial habits in my lifetime that are difficult or impossible to carry out with credit cards:

  1. It is difficult to snowflake with credit cards.
  2. I don’t have money to put in the Salvation Army pot at Christmastime. I always used to toss the spare change from recent purchase into the Salvation Army pot as I left the store. I feel terrible as I walk past them now, but they don’t take credit cards.
  3. The ash tray in my car does not fill up with spare change very quickly. I used to keep all my coin change in the ash tray of my car. Every couple of months, I would acquire enough money to fill up my gas tank (a long time ago) or take my wife on a date (more recently).
  4. With a credit card, I am more likely to buy the venti mocha from Starbucks when I only have need of (and money for) the grande. The same thing happens when I go to a fast food restaurant. I am more likely to spend an extra buck or $.50 on the meal where before, when I only had cash, I was limited by the number of actual greenbacks in my wallet.
  5. I never have spare change with which to plug the kiddie rides outside of stores for my daughters. (that’s not my kid, by the way)

I am still going to use my credit cards, but I need to make sure that I am more disciplined in Starbucks and McDonald’s and I should probably send a donation to Salvation Army.

And keep a couple of quarters in my wallet for the next time I take my kids to Walmart.


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