Saturday’s are for coffee: free cup from ING

by Rocket Finance

I am a big fan of ING Direct. They have a great interface – all of my kids have Orange Savings accounts. Their security is above average, customer service is outstanding, and I think their graphics design and colors are the best in the business. Frankly, I will always have a little money at ING because I think they are the most reliable online bank. Last year, ING purchased NetBank and Sharebuilder. They are one of the largest banks in the world and on their way to becoming a banking superpower.

But their current savings rate is an anemic 4.10% APY. Most of my money is earning 5.05% at FNBO. If ING, ever gets in the ballpark, I’ll be back.

Still, the main reason ING is my favorite bank at the moment because you can visit an ING cafe in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago or Wilmington, DE for get a free cup of coffee with this coupon. We are looking forward to visiting the Chicago location as soon as we can for a cup-a-joe and to ask them to raise their interest rate.

If you would like to open an ING savings account, email me at rocketfinance at gmail dot com, and I will send you a referral link for a $25 bonus. I will earn $10. See how I earned $165 with ING last year.

While you are at it, consider applying for the Discover Miles card that offers 12,000 bonus points, capped $75 balance transfer fee and 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for nine months.


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  2. By Jim Freeman on Jan 6, 2008 | Reply

    It seems you’re not so much a big fan as a paid shill.

    The FDIC was no doubt so relieved to find some bank that would take over NetBank, that they didn’t require much beyond ING Direct not specifically breaking U.S. banking laws.

    ING Direct has consistently lied to NetBank account holders in the run-up to finalizing their takeover. The Blogosphere is full of rage. The Dutch are used to it, in their long-lost days of empire, half the world was under their wooden shoe.

    Thank god New Amsterdam is now New York and the worst ING Bank can do is pick off crippled U.S. banking units.

    Meanwhile, you can bet that ING Bank is looking over its shoulder and checking its own portfolios to see how much asset based securities are in actuality sub-prime mortgage derivatives.

  3. By rocketc on Jan 6, 2008 | Reply

    I recieved no consideration from ING Direct. I am way too small for them to even notice me. If I recieve money for a post, my readers will be aware of it. I just wrote about something I like: free coffee and a cool bank. Just because I like something does not mean that I am getting paid (other than account bonuses and free coffee, but you could have gotten those, too) Furthermore, I had accounts at NetBank that were transferred to ING. ING did more than enough to keep me up to date on what was happening. The transfer of accounts happened without any inconvenience on my part.

    I am not aware of the rage you reference, but I will do some checking. Jim, in a cursory reading of your blog, it seems that you injoy finding problems and revelling in misery. Good luck with that.

    I would love to see you write a positive post once a week or once a month. Leaders think positive and are solution oriented anyone can be a crank. That said, thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again.

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