Money Monday: Money will help you reach your financial goals in 2008

by Rocket Finance

Of course my preferred source of financial information is blogs (especially rocketfinance, please subscribe!), but I must give a plug for a good old-fashioned magazine that I read religiously. In fact, it might be the only “hard copy” publication that I read cover to cover every month. Even more impressive is the fact that Mrs. Rocket reads it – and likes it – and I don’t make her read it – and she doesn’t usually care about finance as long as I keep enough cash in her account to cover her part of the budget.

Why do I like Money?

  • The cover alway looks cool. Simple, professional, sharp, trustworthy.
  • Unbiased advice. The articles usually give just the facts – there are ads in the magazine, but Money writers do not seem to under any pressure to push product. They are not afraid to present the pros and cons, tell you what they think and then prove their decision with numbers. For instance, they regularly discourage investing in annuities, even though many of their advertisers sell such investment vehicles.
  • The writing is easy to understand. Money magazine breaks down complicated ideas for the layperson. For instance, this month’s issue tackles the question of whether to prepay your morgage or invest – I won’t give away their answer here, but their argument is convincing and based on the numbers.
  • Money isn’t afraid to recommend personal finance blogs and websites as great sources of financial advice – they plug their competition! The January issue mentions Consumerism Commentary, Get Rich Slowly, FatWallet and more. In all, they highlight 28 financial websites, none of which are affiliated with the magazine. Maybe yours truly will make the list one of these days. . .

The best thing about my Money Magazine is that my subscription is a gift from a friend. If you don’t subscribe to Money, I highly recommend it. The current price is twelve issues for $19.95 Please consider signing up through my affiliate link. Or better yet – give a subscription to a friend or a relative.

If you already subscribe – ain’t it great?

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  2. By Randall on Jan 7, 2008 | Reply

    Frugal Tip: Local libraries GIVE AWAY old copies of magazines. I pick up month-old Money magazines from the local library when I go with the kids.

    Not to say they aren’t worth subscribing to though.

  3. By rocketc on Jan 7, 2008 | Reply

    I will remember this if my free subscription ever runs out. I am going to buy one for my kids when they get older, though.

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