Money Mondays: “google” yourself

by Rocket Finance

Every Monday, I like to comment on articles from Money Magazine. I also highly recommend that if you do already subscribe to a financial periodical, consider Money Magazine.

“In the Line of Fire” is the Martins whose home burned in October as a result of the California wildfires near San Diego. I have to admit, there have been times while in the middle of a home improvement project, that I have thought that a wildfire in our home might not be such a bad thing – as long as everyone made it out. . . The problem is that the Martins were underinsured. Their cost of replacement is mostly covered, but their insurance did not include the value of their belongings or the cost of temporary housing. Money suggests checking to make sure that you have the correct amount of coverage, buy extended replacement coverage (does not readjust for depreciation of household items) and to put together an inventory of possessions. I need to check on #1, think about #2 and do #3.

An article on the networth of the top seven presidential candidates is interesting – especially when the magazine gives them financial advice that corresponds to their ages and porfolios.

The most fascinating articles that I read this week had to do with “marketing yourself” through the use of LinkedIN, Facebook and other social internet sites. There are several purposes for this strategy: to stay connected with a large group of people socially, to put your profile on the web for potential job recruiters and to control what pops up when a potential employer “googles” your name. In another article, Money higlights the success that Scott Burkett has had in marketing himself to the big “G” and beyond. Google him to see what they are talking about.

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