Something Extra: taxes, infants, credit and estates

by Rocket Finance

I’m jumping in with an extra post today. Here are some articles that you should read:

Randall’s Rebuttal on the issue of taxes.

Madison at My Dollar Plan begins a series on money advice for all ages with financial strategies for infants and young children.

Moolanomy’s article listing the best blog posts of 2007. . .somehow I think that this particular post might be one of the best blog posts of 2008.

MSN Money’s article about the new formula for figuring your credit score is a must-read.

Are you the recipient of an estate? or lottery jackpot? or lawsuit settlement? or other intallment income? Do you need your money now?  Taxes, urgent needs, interest rates, inflation and depreciation are just some of your concerns – these matters can become complicated. You have a right to know all the information. Check out probate loans for informed advice and make the best decision for you.

Have a great Tuesday!

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