A little extra money never hurt (unless you don’t have any deductions)

by Rocket Finance

Last night I sat down and really crunched the hard numbers on our housing situation. I soon realized that 85% of our monthly take-home pay was being spent on housing costs – both on the home we “own” in Wisconsin and the home we will be leasing in Colorado. That leaves 15% to go toward tithe, car payment, food, clothes and any other expense that we might have along the way. Obviously, we are moving toward deficit spending. Last year, we faced a similar crisis and pulled through with some hard work and a little ingenuity.

I don’t think we will ever set out to earn $5,000 in bonuses again, but we are in no position to turn down free money either. Furthermore, I don’t want any of you to miss out on some of the extra cash floating around the internet right now. Here are some of the good deals:

Revolution Money Exchange is offering a $25 bonus just for signing up – and $10 for each referral. Act fast because this bonus is only good for a limited time. It was supposed to end on April 15th, but RME extended the bonus period until May 15, 2008. The account takes less than five minutes to open and referring friends is easy. Furthermore, RME allows members to send money to each other without any fees! I have paid over $25 in Paypal fees over the last year. . . RME seems like a pretty good deal. I referred Mrs. Rocket for a quick $60. Open your account through this badge:

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

¬†Ebates is offering another $10 bonus for signing up. The bonus was only $5 when I signed up originally, but I have saved a lot more than that by shopping through their portal for items that I was already going to purchase. If you can refer two friends, you will get $20 worth of bonuses plus a $10 Target gift card. Target is Mrs. Rocket’s favorit store. I will score major points with that gift card. . . This offer ends on May 31, 2008.

Virtual Bank is still running their $20 bonus promotion if you open an account with at least $100. Contact me for a referral email.

ING Direct is still offering a $25 bonus if you open an account with at least $250. Contact me for a referral.

I was tagged by Plonkee from across the pond in the “Best financial decision I ever made in college” meme. Come back to read tomorrow’s post for the answer¬†and see who I tag.

Have a great day!

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