Three Chase bonus coupons

by Rocket Finance

No time for a long post today, but I have in my possession two $125 bonus coupons from Chase and a single $100 bonus coupon. The $125 coupons are for opening a checking account with direct deposit in a Chase branch and expire on June 30. The $100 coupon is also for direct deposit checking can be used in a branch or online at It expires on May 23.

Mrs. Rocket and I just opened new accounts after our move. We each get a portion of my check direct deposited into our respective accounts and double up on every bonus.

Here is what you have to do to get the bonus codes – email me through my contact form above. I will email you the bonus code and a $25 referral code – please use both because I need to make a little money on this deal as well! These codes are “stackable”. Most bankers just need the code in order to credit the bonus, but if you want me to snail mail you the certificates, that can be arranged.

I will update the comment thread below as each coupon is given away. Make yourself a little snowflake money!

  1. 6 Responses to “Three Chase bonus coupons”

  2. By rocketc on Apr 29, 2008 | Reply

    One $125 bonus spoken for. . .

  3. By rocketc on May 16, 2008 | Reply

    Two down. . . just the $100 bonus remains. . .

  4. By brad on Oct 9, 2008 | Reply

    Could i get one of the 100 chase checking codes please?


  5. By Sonya Singh on Mar 2, 2009 | Reply


    I was wondering if you have any more of the 100 coupons or the referral ones? I am opening an account today, and I would like to use them. Plus it would help you out as well!

  6. By rocketc on Mar 2, 2009 | Reply

    I have not seen a Chase bonus coupon for over 10 months. I think the days of the $100 bonuses are over.

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