Rocket’s attempts to hold down grocery costs

by Rocket Finance

I rarely darken the door of the grocery store for several reasons:

  1. I don’t do much cooking.
  2. I have no idea where anything is. Seriously, I often make several laps just to find one thing.
  3. I always purchase the wrong item. I try really hard, but always seem to mess it up. I write detailed lists and try to call Mrs. Rocket if I am unsure about anything . . . but even that is not fool-proof.
  4. I eat too much. I can’t go into a store because everything looks good and I don’t care if it is on sale or a good price or healthy. If I like it, I will buy two. One time I got up early on a Mother’s day and I wanted to cook breakfast for my wife. I went to the store to get what I needed and ended up spending $35 on breakfast for two. I could have taken her out to eat at IHOP . . . about three times.
  5. I can’t resist the impulse aisle – especially the dark chocolate bars and I always spend too much on expensive fruit.

However, circumstances forced me to our local King Soopers the other day and I think I did okay. Here is my haul:

  • Four ears of corn for $1.00. Supposedly this was a good deal, but I remember back in the good old days when sweet corn was $1.00 for a dozen ears.
  • Eight boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese for $2.00. I was only supposed to get four boxes, but, c’mon, it was a quarter a box! I think I’ll go back for more tomorrow. Our five year-old claims that she would eat Mac and Cheese for three meals a day. For twenty-five cents, I think I might let her do it.
  • $2.49 for a box of couscous. I have since learned that this was not a great deal and furthermore, not the right product. I was supposed to get white rice. Oh, well, can’t win ’em all and I got to try something new for supper.
  • Broccoli for $.88 a pound. I have no idea if this was a good deal or not, but I purchased 94 cents worth.
  • Three mangos for $.50 apiece. Mangos were not on my list, in fact, I’m not sure that the Rocket household has ever purchased a whole mango before, but they looked good and I was impressed that my five-year old who can’t read yet, spotted them and knew what they were.
  • Three pineapples for $1.00 apiece. This was my original assignment. Mrs. Rocket had a rain check for this deal from last week when the store was out of pineapple. She told me to get one, but I like pineapple and you know the rest. We might try to grill some of it.
  • Three half-gallons of lemonade for $1.00 each. Once again, I was sent for one . . . and could not resist a couple extra cartons. I like lemonade.

Our total bill was $15.79. Once again, I have no way to know if my cart full of groceries was such a great deal, but here is where I think we started to do well:

  • Our King Sooper’s loyalty card earned us $1.00 off our next fuel fill-up.
  • We also used a KS’s gift card that came with a 10% discount when we used part of our stimulus check to purchase it: $1.58 worth of savings on this receipt.
  • I originally paid for the gift card with our Chase Freedom Visa Credit Card to earn another 3% cash back: about $.45.
  • King Soopers also scanned my loyalty card when I purchased the gift card for another $1.00 off our next gasoline receipt.

So, our net cost on this bill was $11.76. Hopefully the savings makes up for my buying couscous instead of rice.

  1. 4 Responses to “Rocket’s attempts to hold down grocery costs”

  2. By Megan on Jun 21, 2008 | Reply

    I’m like you in that if something that I like is on sale, I’ll buy it. And not just one, but maybe more than one.

    Today, I bought five boxes of cake mix (I use them to make cupcakes from time to time). Why? It was normally $2.49, but if you bought five boxes, it was only $1 a piece. Key was, you had to buy 5. Did I need five? No. Did I really need one? No. But it’s not going to go bad, so now I can make lots of cupcakes.

  3. By deepali on Jun 27, 2008 | Reply

    Does your grocery store have bulk bins? Rice is a lot cheaper that way (and harder to mistake for couscous!). Ha. 🙂

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