A new plan for Rocket Finance

by Rocket Finance

When I started Rocket Finance a year ago this month. I originally hoped to pattern it after Hustlermoneyblog and sought to become a source for deal, steals and bonuses. Over the next few months, as I spent time interacting with other members of the personal finance blogging community, especially those from the m-network, the blog morphed into more of a traditional pf blog. Most of my blog posts were driven by my family’s financial journey.

Throughout it all, I tried to find my unique voice in the blogging world. I look back over some of my early posts and I am almost embarrassed at what I published on a number of occasions. But a couple of times, I managed to put together a coherent post that struck a responsive chord in the blogosphere. In all, I have published over 300 articles and received over 35,000 visits.

Personal finance is a subject that fascinates me and I enjoy learning more about it every day. However, many times, my political interests bubble to the surface. My views tend to lean to the right as most of you have noticed. On several occasions, I have been warned by fellow bloggers that free market or supply-side ideas are not well received in the blogosphere. A few bloggers who share most of my thoughts choose to keep their political ideas quiet for fear of alienating their subscribers and regular visitors. It must be noted that their blogs are far more successful than mine and I don’t blame them. If RF was generating thousands of dollars a month, I might keep my big yap shut too.

For most of the past year, I have tried to keep the focus on tips and strategies relating to family finance and kept my forays into politics and national economics to a minimum.

I can no longer repress that side of who I am.

I enjoy talking politics. I have literally been following politics since before I could read and I am certain that I disappointed my mother by not choosing a career in that arena. I cultivate friendships from every branch and twig on the political tree. I love to talk about the issues. I attempt to keep the debate civil, and I don’t believe that I have ever alienated a friend or family member during a political discussion.

Therefore, Rocket Finance will remain under the general category of personal finance, the overall focus will stay on the Rocket household financial journey, but at least one post a week will contain political viewpoints or observations. It is very possible that such content will doom this blog, but as they say in the movies, “I am going to follow my heart”. (That’s probably the most liberal thing I have ever said.)

I understand that politics can be inflammatory. They don’t need to be. My intent is not to change the world, or even to change one person – because that is a difficult thing to do. My goal is to engage, discuss and learn.

I hope that the debate will be vigorous, honest and respectful.

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  2. By Lynnae on Jun 23, 2008 | Reply

    Yay! I’m something of a political junkie myself. I love to talk politics, and most of the time I try to keep it off my blog, but I have a political post going up tomorrow. You’re coming over to my blog to back me up, right? 🙂

    I hate it when politics becomes inflammatory, but I love the discussion that politics provokes. Even if nobody changes their mind, it’s good for making me think.

  3. By plonkee on Jun 23, 2008 | Reply

    Yay, more stuff to disagree with you on. 🙂

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that right-wingers are picked on, it’s more that just because someone agrees with you on personal finance, doesn’t mean that they’ll agree with you on everything else. If you think that most other pfbloggers are left-wing, I think that they are right-wing. I guess that means that the centre ground must be somewhere between us.

  4. By Pete on Jun 24, 2008 | Reply

    I’ll be interested to read your political posts – I understand how many of us want to stay out of the political arena because of how completely crazy people can get when talking about politics.

    At the same time, I find it interesting too, like plonkee and lynnae, and am ready to contribute to the political flame war!

    Game on!

  5. By Aaron Stroud on Jun 24, 2008 | Reply

    You’re doing the right thing by following your heart! But don’t label issues like free markets as “right-wing” values. Yes, the American left has largely forgotten importance of Liberty. But that doesn’t mean the pursuit of liberty is inherently a right-wing ideal!

    Do you follow Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell’s columns? These economists are two of America’s greatest treasures. They have a desire and knack for explaining complicated economic issues in a way that anyone can understand, much like the late Milton Friedman.

  6. By grassrootsmovement on Jun 25, 2008 | Reply

    so what do you think about McCain’s ‘reward’ idea (that I coincidentally enough just blogged about)? That definitely ties in both politics and $.

  7. By deepali on Jun 27, 2008 | Reply

    You’re a right-winger? And here I thought you fell in the middle. I must know some serious fascists. 🙂

  8. By Erin on Jun 29, 2008 | Reply

    I’ll tune it for the political posts. The conversation should be interesting especially with the election this year.

  9. By Funny about Money on Jul 2, 2008 | Reply

    Good for you! As a left-wing liberal wacko, I can’t resist dropping hints as to my own strange opinions here and there. And welcome the same from those who are preaching to a different choir!

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