Just to show my heart is in the right place

by Rocket Finance

Today’s article is a guest post from Tisha Kulak, who writes for Creditorweb.com, where she writes about credit card offers, finances, credit cards, and responsible credit card use. Even though I do not share the same pessimism about our planet as some in the mainstream environmental movement, I believe that wise stewardship of our resources is a good idea. Here, Tisha gives some ideas about how to Go Green with Your Credit.

More and more people are increasing their efforts to clean up and protect the environment and the planet on which we live. In the age of technology and a broader range of options for living, it is becoming a bit simpler to go green with very little effort. If every one did their part, not only would we be able to create a simpler, more positive and healthy lifestyle for ourselves, we would be doing it for everyone around us.

In addition to the contributions from the citizens of the world, more and more companies are also becoming more active in protecting the environment and therefore making it easier for us as consumers to participate.

Here are 7 simple ways to go green with your credit:

Stop the Junk Mail

Not only is junk mail habitually annoying, it is also a huge negative on our environment due to the amount of trees it takes to make the paper on which junk mail is printed. It also affects the environment due to the amount of landfill space it inhabits when consumers file it away in the trash. There are several companies now accessible online that will help you limit or stop the receipt of junk mail for a reasonable fee. In addition to the service these companies provide, many will go one step further by donating to an environmental cause each time a new client registers.

Opt for Paperless Accounts

Many credit card companies, utility companies, and other corporations who supply monthly statements to their customers now give the option to ditch the paper statements and access their accounts online instead. In return for going paperless, many of these companies will donate to an environmental cause or participate in improving the environment by planting a tree.

Decline a Receipt

Whenever you pay for gas at the pump with a credit card or pay a visit to the ATM, if given the option, decline a receipt. You will save a lot of trees and prevent a lot of waste. Just make sure you keep an accurate spending record since some people rely entirely on receipts for their expense tracking.

Join a Club

Signing up as a member of an environmental organization will not only enlighten you on the efforts to go green, there can also be other advantages. Some organizations offer their own credit card. Apply for a one of their cards and using it for your purchases will provide the organization based on a percentage of your money spent that will be used to fund and sponsor different environmental projects.

Reap Environmental Rewards

In addition to environmental club-sponsored cards, there are also other credit cards which offer rewards points which can be converted into donations to your favorite environmental group. With the increasingly tightened budgets, many families are finding it harder to justify a donation to a favorite cause. Using an environmental rewards card allows you to buy what you need and still contribute to green efforts without spending another dime. Research which cards benefit your favorite charity or cause before committing to one card.

Creatively Recycle Old Plastics

With the exception of picking door locks, credit cards that have expired have many uses if you put on your thinking cap. Kids crafts, guitar picks, and even an emergency ice scraper are all ways to keep using your plastic for the good and not just tossing it into the trash. You will not only be helping to improve the environment, you will also improve your creative side.

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  2. By SimonD on Jul 30, 2008 | Reply

    You can now also get credit cards that work with the environment; I mean the credit card companies donate money towards green projects and other eco-friendly causes. Barclaycard and Co-Operative both offer credit cards that give profits to green causes so you can help protect the planet!

  3. By rocketc on Jul 30, 2008 | Reply


    So now I can make the cc companies rich and line the pockets of tree-huggers.


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