Facebook and PF Challenge

by Rocket Finance

I just opened a new facebook account under the name Rock Etc. Feel free to “friend” me if you get the chance. I created the account so that I could participate in a new game created by Debt Kid called PF Challenge. Currently I am competing in a personal finance blogger tournament. I defeated Ron from Wisdom Journal in the first round and then I was soundly defeated by Jeremy from GenX Finance in the second round. The tourney is double-elimination so I still have another chance to “go all the way”.

The PF Challenge application still has a few bugs, but they are being worked out. The game is a fun way to compete and to learn more about personal finance.

Sign up and challenge me or another of your favorite pf bloggers!

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  2. By DebtKid on Aug 6, 2008 | Reply

    Hey Rocket, thanks for the shout out. Jeremy has been kicking butt, but you’re still in it!

    One note, the credit for the game goes to Tom, a super sharp developer at Lending Club. I gave some help, but by no means did I create it!


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