Finance and Freedom: Introduction

by Rocket Finance

This is the first in a series of posts about how freedom in the United States is being eroded as our government moves to the left. Ever since the New Deal, our nation has moved incrementally toward a strong federal government. Some call it liberalism, some call it progressive, some call it collectivism, some go so far as to call it socialism. The most inflammatory among us call the ideas “marxist”. While we may quibble about the terminology, one thing is certain. That ever since “general welfare” clause of the Constitution was interpreted to include the idea of a federal bureaucracy for education, there has been an inexhorable march to ask the federal government to care for the citizens from the cradle to the grave.

My children can now attend a government daycare, eat government cheese, attend a government school, seek government welfare assistance, get a government job, apply for college assistance from the government, apply for social security, and check their old dad into a government nursing home when the time comes. The government will provide their health care and teach them morality. Soon, we will be able to place our savings account in a government bank and drive a car that was manufactured in a government assembly line on a highway built by the government.

This is all well and good if the state acts in the best interests of the people. But what happens if the government retirement plan fails or the government schools are sub-par or the government postal service is inefficient or the government run charity consumes most of the money before it gets to those in need?

Can we then take our patronage elsewhere?

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