Friday Stack: Colorado Signing Edition

by Rocket Finance


A collection of blog posts and news articles that I found interesting this week:

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will save over a hundred million dollars due to the American Reinvestment Act. I am happy that the stimulus is working out well for Mr Allen.

One of the best videos that I have watched in a quite a while. CNBC’s Rick Santelli tells it like it is. I would like to nominate him for Secretary of the Treasury.

Caroline Baum tells how the new government spending bill will create three million new jobs at the cost of $250,000 per job.

An encouraging OpEd that makes the case that our economy might not be quite as bad off as we might think. We have had banks fail before and we have had high unemployment before – and survived. Be cool.

Our president signals a new frugality push. Good to hear.

Also –

Check out Turning Money into Time at FiveCentNickel. The article is worth your time.

FreeMoneyFinance thinks you can pay off your mortgage by brown bagging your lunch. Stop by and let him know if you agree.

Gather Little by Little blogs about “in the event of my death”. Not a pleasant topic, but really important advice.

Have a great weekend!

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