Friday Stack: Fiddling while Rome burns

by Rocket Finance


Interesting news articles from the week:

Supposedly the White House has  become party central – on Wednesdays?

Sam Webb, the Communist Party USA national chairman is a big fan of the Obama administration.

“The cost of health care now causes a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds.” – President Barack Obama at the White House forum on health care. Think these numbers might be fishy? Gary Langer from ABCNews agrees with you.

If you own a bank getting TARP funds, you had better not plan any remodeling or entertaining. If you are a union that is contributing to the insolvency of GM and Ford, you can hold a party at a $400 a night hotel in Miami.

Even Democrats are starting to get itchy over raising taxes on the rich.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner doesn’t mind fudging the numbers on his own tax forms, but he is going after tax dodgers with a vengeance. In grade school, we called this “it takes one to know one”.

From the personal finance blogosphere:

Not many bank bonuses floating around these days. One of the best was the Chase $125 direct deposit bonus. Both my wife and it were able to print out a coupon. Get over to hustlermoneyblog and get your $125 coupon right away!

FiveCentNickel has some suggestions for ways to increase your yield on your savings. He didn’t mention Lending Club, however.

Plonkee is wobbly about her job.

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