Will you attend a tax tea party on April 15?

by Rocket Finance

I am a big fan of the original Boston Tea Party. I think it was smart, funny and made a strong point about taxes that has resonated down through the ages. The original Boston Tea Party was more or less a satire that highlighted the tyranny of the King of England in respect to the colonies. I believe that our current level of taxation and geometrically growing government deficit spending will not be tolerated for long in a country with a tradition of independence such as ours.

But I am not sure that the events of tomorrow will have the same effect as the first Boston Tea Party.

I certainly sympathize with the goals of the tax tea parties that will be happening all over the United States tomorrow. However, I will not attend – primarily because I am duly employed, but also because I am not a big civil disobedience-type protester. I prefer to make my government protests here on this blog.

I would argue that  Texas Governor Rick Perry, who also happens to be my latest favorite politician, made a statement this week that will last longer than the Tax Tea Parties of April 15, 2009.

Our federal government has become a huge monster that cannot be satisfied. The more we feed it, the more it takes from us. President Abraham Lincoln steadfastly refused to allow slavery divide the United States of America and rightly so. How ironic would it be if just as we reach the best possible resolution of the Civil War: the election of an African-American president, we again find our Union shattered?

Only this time, the defining issues are taxes, spending, and an oppressive federal bureaucracy.

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