Friday Stack: File your taxes on time Edition

by Rocket Finance

Unless you are a member of Congress . . . or a member of the Obama administration . . . or simply don’t feel like it.

Interesting news articles from the week:

I have been getting a lot of my news from a brand-new site called Great Nexus. It is a great place to start your day and get your news . . . although I would like to see a feed for NewsMax, Politico or WorldNetDaily to balance out the Huffington Post and the New Republic. Great Nexus also features a feed from Rocket Finance on the personal finance page.

If you pay your taxes on time, you will be happy to know that at least one member of your government would like to give some of your money to failing newspapers. Why not? If your company is close to going bankrupt, Uncle Sam has a deal for you.

There is at least one objectionable word in this video from a tax tea party in Chicago, but it highlights a fallacy in the minds of many people. The CNN reporter in this clip believes that Illinois is getting $50 billion from the stimulus package. The thing she fails to realize is that the federal government had to take (or will take) that $50 billion out of the economy in the first place. The money has been (or will be) taken from individual Americans and it will be spent in the way that best benefits the politicians who happen to be in power at the moment – not you and me.

From the Personal Finance blogosphere:

Free Money Finance posted some humorous tax statistics.

Mighty Bargain Hunter tackles the age-old question of debt reduction or retirement savings.

Being Frugal posted some frugal prom ideas. I was not interested in the post in the least, but you might be.

Gather Little by Little has added a new writer.

Have a great week!

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  2. By Greatnexus on Apr 17, 2009 | Reply

    Thank you for the mention. I’ll be working on adding NewsMax, Politico and WorldNetDaily to the front page.

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