Friday Stack: Dave Ramsey Hope Edition

by Rocket Finance


I greatly enjoyed Mr. Ramsey’s presentation in his Townhall for Hope event last night and I appreciate many of the ideas he presented. He was more political than I expected and I think that many views that have been presented here at Rocket Finance were validated. More to come.

Dave Ramsey emphasized that hope comes from positive, hard-working people who depend on themselves, God and family to solve life’s problems. Unfortunately, those who depend on government to solve problems usually end up in despair and riots.

Interesting articles from the week:

Democrats in Congress have refused to allow a global warming expert and skeptic, Christopher Monckton, to appear along with Al Gore in hearings this morning. I know that liberal/socialist/progressives or LSP’s are all about free speech and everything, except when it affects their agenda. Al Gore is advancing the theory of man-made global warming because it will enrich him and his friends.

Three entities that have been LSP utopia for years are finally teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and anarchy – which is the way of all command economies:

California is thinking about a redraft of their constitution, because, in the words of John Grubb who serves on the Bay Area Council:

Look anywhere in California and you’ll find a crisis. Our education system used to be the best in the country, now we’re 49th or 50th. Our transit network is the worst in the nation, our water system is on the verge of collapse, and our prison system is overflowing. The Legislature responsible and they aren’t able to do their jobs.

Workers in the government-run power company, EDF in France are not just going on strike or rioting, but they are shutting off power in the country. Their goal is a ten percent raise – not because they are doing a great job at generating profits for their company, but just because they think they are entitled to a ten percent pay-raise. Too bad there is no competition between power companies in France . . . no other options for these workers.

Germany is also moving toward major civil unrest as a result of their banking crisis. Strange, I always thought that this crisis was a result of “capitalistic greed”.

Yet there are still some people who think that government would do a good job with health care . . .

Not every community is accepting the “Obama stimulus money”. It seems that there are at least a few people who do not want to go down the same road as California, Germany, France, etc.

Have a great week!

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