Possible way to get a Chase checking $125 bonus

by Rocket Finance

I have posted about Chase checking account bonuses on several occasions. My wife and I open new Chase accounts every year in order to make the combined $250 in free money.  A portion of my monthly paycheck is direct deposited into each account in order to meet the direct deposit requirement. Even though I have been out of codes for a couple of months, I get still get requests for the coupons almost every day.

Anyway, I had a reader named Colleen pass on a tip that might help some of you acquire the coupons – register a change of address through the United States Postal Service! I moved over a year ago, but since we lived in a temporary apartment for a month, we still have mail going to any of three addresses. I decided to go to www.usps.com and formally register a change of address once and for all. The process was easy, took about two minutes. You have to charge $1 on to a credit card or debit card so that they can prove who you are. On the last screen, they give you the opportunity to print various offers that people who just moved might need – 0ne of them is the $125 checking-with-direct-deposit coupon from Chase.

I was able to print a coupon and then a few days later a second coupon arrived in the mail. I don’t know how long after a move that this strategy can be used . . . It worked a over year later for me . . . your mileage will vary. In the meantime, I have two new coupon codes that I will be happy to send to you at your request. Just contact me here.

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