Carnival of Debt Reduction: Stale Brat Edition

by Rocket Finance


Welcome to the Stale Brat Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. Hopefully you have some left-over fruit salad to go with that brat. I want to thank the the Mighty Bargain Hunter for the opportunity to host. Here are the submissions, along with a few editorial comments. If you don’t like the comments – consider the source before you get upset.

Editor Picks:

Do you set financial goals? Debt Free Adventure encourages you to follow through!

What do the King of Pop (RIP) and the King of Debt have in common? Well, according to FMF, they are the same person.

Jim Wang explains how debt settlement works – interesting.

More good ones:

Personal Finance Analyst gives some painless debt reduction strategies in How to Reduce Your Debt Significantly Without Tightening Your Belt. Seems like the whole post is in his title. Some interesting ideas, check it out, but remember what your high school football coach told you, “no pain, no gain”.

Money Help for Christians gave a sneak peak into their budgeting process. I thought they had some good things to say.

Christian PF lists eight careers for the future. Unfortunately they all require more schooling for me . . .

This guy is half a million dollars in debt. See how he is working on tearing down this mountain.

All you wanted to know about credit:

The Silicon Valley Blogger gives six steps to improving your credit score.

So what’s the deal with credit reports? Free Credit Report or Annual Credit Report? Dough Roller gives the answer.

Money Smart Life shows how to contest a credit report dispute. :shiver:

Financial Methods relates some good advice on what to do if your available credit limit gets lowered by your credit card company. This has happened to me in recent months, but only on cards that I no longer use. I did not think much of it.

The rest:

Prime Time Money is focusing on repaying his college loans. Is it time for you to start to focus on student loan debt? Compare your reasons with Prime Time’s.

Real Estate Kid wrote a post about his descent into unsecured debt at the Debt Kid blog. I’m losing track of all the Kids, but this is a good read.

Did you know that Microsoft Money will no longer be produced after 2009? Sun Financial Diary gets us up to speed and suggests some alternatives. Personally, I am a spreadsheet budgeter. I tried MS Money once, but I did not like it.

The Savings Toolbox shows you how to handle your money without technology. It worked for your grandparents . . . then you won’t be thrown off when Microsoft quits making software.

Have you heard of Ally Bank? Cash Money Life explains that Ally Bank is not a new bank, but rather the old GMAC.

Is your bank raising fees? Out of Debt Christian issues this warning. I never worry about how much my bank charges for overdrafts or my credit card APR. Never pay ’em.

Ask Mr. Credit Card posted a BlogTalkRadio interview with Brad Chaffee who hates credit cards. I think the exchange came off amicably.

The Smarter Wallet posted yet another Dave Ramsey Town Hall for Hope synapsis. Not the most exhaustive one that I have read, but good enough.

Leave Debt Behind wonders if there is such a thing as a Free Debt Consolidation Company. I doubt it since companies usually exist to make a profit. Consolidation is usually a bad idea, but read the post to see if it is right for you.

Praveen Puri warns about the dangers of college loans.

Budgets Are Sexy posted about how criminals worm their way into your wallet. I am more worried about the government worming its way into my wallet.

Some skepticism required:

MoneyNing tells the secret to becoming a millionaire and paying higher taxes. If this is the path for you, read the article.

Barry, at Associate Money feeds his family for $100 per month. I am a little skeptical, but I am also a big eater.

That’s it, that’s the list – have a great week!


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    Thank you for choosing my article as an editors pick! I appreciate it.

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    Great job on the carnival. Thanks for including me!

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    Thanks for hosting 🙂

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