TurboTax has been very, very good to me

by Rocket Finance

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My goal every year is to give Uncle Sam as little of my money as possible and the only way to do that accurately is to maximize every tax deduction possible. I filed online using TurboTax for the first time in 2001 and never looked back. Every year since I have filed online using TurboTax with no problems. In that time, I have had two errors in my filing, but they were a result of my own incompetence (and the ridiculous nature of our tax system), not because of Turbo Tax.

Because of TurboTax, I can access all of my tax records since 2001 online. TurboTax remembers my information from year to year and I do not even have to install software on my computer. The best thing about Turbo Tax is the way it figures your refund or tax deficit – it calculates the tax implications as you move through the filing process. You can see how much of a deduction you will get (or not get) for all of your financial decisions throughout the year. You can also begin to file. leave it and then come back to it in the future. Take as long as you like – nothing is final until you send your file to the Internal Revenue Service.

Happy Tax Season!  :choke:

TurboTax Home & Business

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