Financial control brings incremental tyranny

by Rocket Finance

Our founders knew that a federal government invested with broad ranging powers would descend into tyranny, corruption and absolutism. In the United States, we are observing the strongest movement toward a dictatorship in the history of our republic. Now, I am not saying that President Obama will eventually claim to be the “supreme ruler” or president for life, but two financial stories indicate his willingness to use almost any tool in order to concentrate power in Washington D.C. and inevitably in his administration. You see, our founders designed a federal government that had to stay out of our day to day lives. They knew that a government that provided education, health care, charity, retirement, roads and more would be co-opted by the rich and powerful.

Such a government would restrict the freedom of the individual and use the power of government to take advantage of the people. We are observing that exact scenario today.

Unions get special treatment

There is a new tax being considered as a part of the health care legislation in Congress. This tax would affect anyone who has a so-called “cadillac” health care plan. When news of this tax came out, the union bosses became concerned that many in their membership would be affected by this added expense. The heads of the various unions quickly mobilized and traveled to Washington in order to lobby the president. Understand that the unions backed President Obama strongly in the last election. They were among his largest donors, have met with him frequently and are working to get the best deal for the men and women that they represent – and screw the rest of us.

As a result of their lobbying, the unions were exempted from the new tax! That means that you and I will pay more for our health insurance. President Obama is purchasing votes and political action on his behalf with money from the rest of us. Because government is seizing control of health care, large corporations (big labor) are slowly gaining control over government to take advantage of anyone who is not aligned with their interests. This is not freedom, this is not equality under the law, this is political quid pro quo and our freedom suffers as a result.

Banks get taxed

Last week, the Obama administration announced that it would seek higher taxes on 50 of the nations largest banks ostensibly to recoup some of the TARP bailout money that was given to banks last fall. Here is the kicker: the tax will apply to banks who have re-payed the money with interest and to banks who never took the money in the first place. However, the tax will not affect car companies who were bailed out by TARP or insurance company AIG . . . both entities have political allies to the Obama administration.

What are the options for the banks as they seek to make a profit? They can go out of business, pass fees along to the consumer or they can purchase more political influence and use the power of the government to get what they want.

I know that it might be difficult to feel sorry for the wealthy individuals who run banks, but what if another administration suddenly decided to tax unions at a greater level than small-business workers? What is the end result when government uses the power of the law to punish political opposition and to reward political supporters? One of the options for the people is widespread law-breaking, such as refusing to pay taxes or participate in the insurance mandate. When most of the people decide to break the law, tyranny reigns and violence becomes the only way for various political entities to assert their will. In other words, if government policies continue at this rate, a coup d’ etat cannot be too far behind.

The only real answer to our nation’s problems is a strict adherence to the Constitution that frees individuals, families and communities to pursue life, liberty and happiness as they define it. Do we have any politicians who will once again subject themselves to the idea limited government proposed by the founders of our country? I hope so . . .

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